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Patient Testimonials

Most Friendly

Amy and Anna were most friendly upon my entering the office. I was immediately acknowledged. I have never in my life had any doctor listen to me the way that Dr. Salani did! He took down every treatment I have had to date from the date of my accident to the date of my appointment. I feel like I have finally found a doctor who can actually help me.
-Lori D.

Complete Professionalism and Friendly Faces

As with anything new whether it be a new experience with a new place, new people, there is a certain edge of not knowing what to expect then nervousness sets in . Our experience with your clinic is one of complete professionalism and friendly faces helping to put the new patient at ease. There is always the element of hope with the long journey I have been on since February 2021 that my condition will be fixable or at least a name given to what I have. Thank you again for my appointment and the opportunity to meet my new health team.
-Brenda D.


I was very hesitant to try a chiropractor after having heard so many others complain about their past results with other chiropractors. From my first appointment, Dr Salanki and his staff put all my worries behind me, and I am well on my way to recovery and so thankful for all their help and encouragement. I will 100% recommend them to everyone I know.
-Tim Z.

Amazing Atmosphere

Amazing staff, knowledgeable doctors and amazing atmosphere. Will definitely refer any family or friend if they need a chiropractor. This is all just within my two visits. Can’t wait for a successful comfortable treatment.
-Kiara M.

Impressed by Dr. S’s Thoroughness!

Impressed by Dr. S’s thoroughness and logic as well as the professionalism of the staff. Liked the pertinent books, models, diagrams, charts, etc.
-Bossert P.

Thorough and Kind

I found Dr David Salanki to be very thorough in his History taking and examination. In fact it was the most thorough first visit to any Doctor I have seen in my many years of visiting physicians, either here in Canada or in my birth country Britain. I feel very reassured that if there is anything to be done to relieve my pain, Dr Salanki will find it. Thank you all in the office for being kind and helpful.
-Sylvia Mc

Feeling Fantastic and Hopeful

I am feeling fantastic and hopeful on this journey…..I found Dr. Salanki very informative and look forward to working with both him and the staff towards my end goal… pain
-Diane W.

Feel Better Every Time

The Sigma Instrument is more thorough than traditional adjustments. It doesn’t just help sometimes, it helps you feel better every time.
-Bob B.

Sigma Works

Having worked in a chiropractic office for 17 years, I’ve seen the great benefits of chiropractic adjustments. The Sigma Instrument goes above and beyond, by helping every time. I recommend it to everyone.
-Bonnie H.

More Comfortable

More comfortable than manual manipulation. It doesn’t hurt at all.
-Sandra B.

Can’t Go Wrong

You can’t go wrong with it. The precision is amazing.
-Jason S.

Life Changing

Best thing that ever happened to me. I went from not being able to sit, stand or even lay down, to having full function and use of my body.
-Richard T.

Very Well Done

Very professional and personable. I had been to a similar medical clinic in Toronto recently, and your team beat them in every category …very well done!
-Byran M.


Very impressed with the welcome when I came into the office to register. The Doctor was very honest and forthright about my condition and the steps we have to follow,. The questions are very thorough. Thank you and I hope he can help me.
-Gabriele G.

Positive Results

First of all, a mandatory health class for new patients told me that Chiropractic Associates cares. They are serious about positive results, but we have a part to play. I am learning that good health is broad. Good health is not just physical wellness, but emotional and mental as well. I love how chiropractic seeks to remedy the root cause of discomfort. Wellness begins with education, and the new patient class does just that. It was an hour well spent.
-Jason Z.

Pleasant And Helpful

So glad you had the carpal tunnel seminar. Learned so much. I’m finding very quick healing and relief from pain and stiffness. Wish I knew of your services years ago. I’m also able to get a full nights sleep without waking up in pain. Your team at the office are always very pleasant and helpful. I would gladly recommend you to anyone.
-David W.


I really like the staff they are very friendly and professional and great at their jobs. I am very pleased how much of a difference it made coming in for treatment. They are very informative of any questions I might bring to them. The consultations were very helpful and let me understand my injures.
-Dennis K.

A Big Thank You

Just a big thank you for holding the ‘Doctors with Hearts’ day to help out the Humane Society as well as helping me out too as that is how I heard about you reading the article in the newspaper!
-Cindy M.

Warm Friendly And Sincere

All the people I met were warm, friendly and sincere. My consult with Dr. Salanki was very refreshing. He asked all the right questions, let me answer them, and gave me a chance to speak about my “experience”, and he really listened. Quite refreshing.
-Gay D.


To Dr. Salanki and Associates,
We wanted to thank you for a very enjoyable and enlightening meeting on Tuesday evening. It is good to have someone that can explain all this new technology to us. Sometimes you forget how to treat the mind and body and this was a wake up call to us. It was an interesting hour and it just flew by. Once again thank you for making this a little easier to understand and explaining how this system works. We think you have a very supportive staff and they are really great to deal with. Thanks again.
-Albert and Yvonne R.

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